"Do small things with great love." - Mother Tersea

Why We're Called With Flourish

Flowers. I feel myself take a breath and rest in an overwhelmed stillness whenever I even attempt to describe them. They are God’s flourish on the top of this cake of a world. I know they are an integral part of sustaining life but they just seem they unnecessarily beautiful. I gape to see such lavish beauty thrown into every nook and cranny of the world just for the glory of it!

I believe that we are called to live with flourish. By this, I mean that we chase after our highest desires. We grow towards the deepest parts of ourselves. We draw out the deepest joy of others. And thus, we are filled to the brim with lavish celebration for the love in our lives. Our lives should be filled not with things, but with joy that comes from a peaceful heart. A heart that is at peace with the goodness it bestows on itself and the greater world.

This is the soul that With Flourish is grown with.

Our Design Process

Basically a coffee date with flowers!

First, we will put together an initial quote that will just give you an idea of pricing based on your general needs. Then we would LOVE to connect. Whether this means over coffee, a venue walkthrough or phone chat we want to hear ALL ABOUT IT. After an exchange of photos, Pinterest boards and color pallets we will work with you to put together a complete floral mood board based on your vision, style, and needs. We can meet up and revise your quote as many times as necessary. Then, comes the long daydreaming wait while we think about your vision, seek out the perfect flowers for your big day and anticipate the creative process to come!


In order to flourish we need to love generously. This is a call to action to make this world better than when we found it! At With Flourish, this means using local and sustainable products and methods to reduce our carbon footprint.


By choosing joy as a business, we believe that your wedding day is that much more of a joyful celebration.


Through all of these business practices, we as a team and I personally have the means to seek peace in a really demanding industry.