Desert Bohemian Wedding

Choose Joy

By choosing joy as a business, we believe that your wedding day is that much more of a joyful celebration.

Choose Joy

There’s a lot to complain about in the world. And, in my world of babies, a business to run and messy flowers everywhere, unfortunately, I feel like I can always find something to get me down. This leads me to one of the greatest blessings of With Flourish for me personally. You see, instead of focusing on my silly problems, I get to absorb myself in YOUR joy. I mean, you as a bride are making one of the most beautiful decisions you can in your life and we get to design the day together! Who cares if my house is a little messy, my toddler had a tantrum, and my favorite vase broke?

So, the commitment to choosing joy is a commitment to serving our brides. We encourage a meeting, whether that is in person or over the phone, to be friends, offer support and plan out all the pretty things! We implement practices to support all these big decisions. This includes allowing any changes up until a month before the wedding. Also, for every wedding, I design a mood board that hones in on the perfect color pallet and style for your big day!