Desert Bohemian Wedding

Desert Bohemian Wedding

Desert Bohemian Wedding

Desert Bohemian Wedding

With Bright Desert Blooms

This desert bohemian wedding was an absolute favorite of mine.

Ok, I love all my brides, but there is something really special about making beauty for family. Rosie is technically on Lucas’ side of the family. It is such a blessing that when you get married you also receive a whole other family! I couldn’t be more thankful to be able to love them all with flowers last November.

And then, obviously, when Rosie said that she wanted orange and yellow desert bohemian wedding flowers, I was over the moon! When we first met up to discuss, it was pretty difficult to find photos of exactly what she wanted, but I could totally imagine it; especially her ceremony. I could just see her beaded, white dress, big floral arrangements with king proteas framing the gigantic cactus where she would stand and marry the man of her dreams! She described florals with A LOT of texture and just a touch of roses (because of Rosie, duh). We also added fox tails later because her married name became Fox. How adorable is that! Bright yellows, oranges and crisp whites with olive just everywhere.

What I was not prepared for, though, was what it was like to actually see all of this vision come to life! See, I get to create a lot of beauty for weddings, but I never get to actually be there to see it all come together. Oh my gosh, as she walked down the aisle (and was STUNNING!!) I recalled our first conversation, I just melted! It was perfect. Exactly what she wanted. Just the absolute perfect representation of her and her now-husband. This wedding just made me so much more excited for all of our weddings to come. For all of our brides who walk down the aisle and get to celebrate their beautiful love.

I have to admit though, potentially my favorite part of the night was completely not flower-related though. Lisey, my four-year-old, absolutely tore it up on the dance floor!!! At one point I was looking for her and saw a circle of adults clapping cheering. No way. Yes, way! Lisey was spinning and running and jumping and just being her hip dancing gal self that I adore. It was hilarious.


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