Boho Dried Inspiration

Dried Boho Wedding Inspiration

In the golden Temecula hills

Dried Boho Wedding Inspiration- Ashley

Dried Goodies


I loved designing this dried boho wedding inspiration. Budget was a factor for this shoot so I worked to design something that took a smaller budget. We decided on using dried elements because then I could get them back and reuse them! We collected dried proteas, grasses, various foliage, thistle, palm fronds and more. Heavy on the spray paint and heavy on the funk! This shoot was so much fun to design because over 5 different looks were required! We went modern, boho, garden and more. Hat pieces, dried arbor and sweetheart table pieces. It was a dream, my friends.

I unfortunately, wasn’t able to be on site for the shoot but let me tell you about the talent on this shoot! ADORABLE models. These ladies and fellows looked like they were having so much fun and looking stellar as they did. And let me just tell you about the venue! Moonflower ranch is settled in the rural golden hills of Temecula surrounded by trees and sunshine. There were also many different, talented photographers on site. Not to mention all the other vendors including, dessert, hair and makeup, overall design, jewelry and more. Beauty is a team effort! I encourage you to check out the vendor links below.

Ok, I just have to share with you this ridiculous story with you of my ineptness. Lucas and I left around the girls bedtime to pick up some things from the venue. There was a last minute miscommunication and so we were on our way to Temecula as the sun went down. This gorgeous place had no cell service and more than a little creepy feeling at night. We found it, grabbed our things and then got immediately lost. Like, right out of the driveway we had no idea where we were… We proceeded through what felt like a deep dark forest of twisty, rocky unpaved roads for about 45 minutes. It’s an understatement to say we were terrified. It was then I knew we were only made for city life where the streets have lights, cell service and signs!

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