San Diego minimalist wedding inspiration by With Flourish

Moody Minimalist Wedding Inspiration

Contemporary Tea Party

San Diego minimalist wedding inspiration by With Flourish

A Contemporary and Moody Tea Party

With dried and foraged elements

This minimalist wedding inspiration with sticks was such a unique experience. We, here at With Flourish, loved this moody, woodsy vibe! Just about everything used here was foraged and dried, giving it that dusty, natural look. Gold ruscus, and antiqued quicksand roses were also used. We actually used pushpins to get those sticks to stay to the wall. Full disclosure: the babies actually joined on this adventure which made this all the more difficult to create! But we preserved until everything was just perfect. The vendors had just a striking and clear vision of drapey textures juxtaposed with dried and striking shapes. It was such and honor to be a part of a moody, modern and dreamy tea party. And let me tell you, that dessert tasted as good as it looked!


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