Moody wedding flowers at the beach.

Morning Elopement


Fall comes differently to San Diego; mostly in cool mist and grey breaches. We chose Sunset Cliffs as the perfect venue; and with this beach grey backdrop as our inspiration our team of amazing local San Diegan vendors got to work on creating this cozy beachy Bridal shoot to show off our San Diego fall.


Sunset Cliffs, San Diego


The breakfast setup for the moody wedding flower shoot is supposed to be a “pre-wedding” breakfast gifted by their friends. Now, elopements are a new trend. Therefore, I imagine that close friends of the groom and bride still want to do something to celebrate their friends’ union! Alexis Aguero, the very talented stationary artist, happens to also be a close friend of our models. She and her husband authored personalized messages for them (as though it were their actual wedding day) as a surprise for the shoot. She designed and created these personal notes as well as the full invitation suite using a deckle technique on the paper as well as watercolor, ink pen and calligraphy ink/nib for the floral illustrations.


Our models, Kristi and Cooper Walters, have been married a few years now but didn’t hesitate at the idea of pretending to do it again. They even brought their original marriage vows to read to each other again! Their sweet love for one another definitely shows through in these photos.


I (Kate Garcia), the florist from Flourish, have been recently inspired by wispy eucalyptuses and misty mixed with bold, rich, and full-petaled flowers, like the bright sunflowers, dahlias and roses used here. For me, this brings all warm fall feels, while reminding us of the cool wisps of wind whirling around us. Therefore, I felt that this unconventional fall bride would totally want to go barefoot on the beach, so I adorned her with ribbons and flowers instead. The arbor featured here was a labor of love built by yours truly!


For attire there were clothing items that I knew would be absolutely essential to the look. One thing we needed was a Rue De Sein dress- because if you are going for an elegant, boho look, you need look no further! I also knew we needed was a uniquely comfy and stylish jacket from Annie Margot designs. Because it wouldn’t be a wedding without a wedding band, Pippa Jayne Designs joined in the fun with her beautifully delicate gold and diamond stacking rings, diamond solitaire ring, and my favorite, her salt and pepper diamond solitaire ring. Last but not least we finished off the look with Rubytoblue Jewelry design including her adjustable crystal necklace, cat eye set, and simple gold earrings.


In the spirit of local artists we asked the adorable Little Lion Cafe, only a few yards from our spot, to cater. Featured here is head chef Annemarie’s signature chia pudding, Egg salad on croissant, delicious chopped fruit and lattes. Most importantly, the thing that brought this whole shoot together was the incredible photography work of Madeline Baur. 


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