Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much. Helen Keller

Living the Floral Dream

The floral industry began in a time long before refrigerators or Pinterest. Instead, florists sold blooms grown from the corners of neighborhood gardens. Designs were inspired by what was locally available and in season. Money was channelled back into the local economy and the flowers themselves were composed in those same community yards. Nothing was wasted and everyone gained joy, beauty, bees and compost. The good life essentials.

Nurture Floral Co.'s sustainable wedding flowers are designed by nature and arranged with intention. Gorgeous, nuanced color, full of soul.

This world is far from us today. The USDA says that 80% of the flowers sold in the US are imported. This includes cut flower farms with looser laws regarding labor, worker safety, and use of chemicals. These precious blooms are then flown and driven in refrigeration to get to it’s final destination. Flowers are now any color, shape and size no matter the season or place! As a florist, I can basically copy any Pinterest picture just about any time of the year.

Yes, we are far from the local, chemical-free, neighbourhood blooms we used to see. But, there’s hope! Right here in San Diego are GORGEOUS, local, flowers, trees and shrubs that transform our world season to season. At Nurture Flora Co. we use only local flowers. These flowers are grown almost exclusively in San Diego with a few exceptions in other parts of Southern California. These flowers are chosen because they are grown without any chemical fertilisers and pesticides and support local business.

Our Garden

Nurture Flora Co. Garden

I can't help but smile when I think about our garden. What a labor of love! The labor is in all. the. dirt. Filling up my car twice a year, all over my girls and my shoes and my hair. Muscles always sore from bending, pulling, digging and who knows why. Harving. So much to har vest- and then what! So much to made and do and feed and water. Never ending chores I bribe away with ice cream and quarters while chickens squawk. How is it that I've done all I have in life and wind up back in the dirt like a child. I like it though.

Love love being outside in the sunshine sweating with dirt in my toes. Watching the seasons in the colors flowers turn. Nurturing them as they grow. As they teach my family lessons in rest and food and effortless joy. Loud joy in big gasps of every color, shape and size waving and dancing in the wind with my children.

Anyway. We (we as in my husband, my girls, my chickens and I) grow a wide variety of vegetables and flowers on our little quarter plot in Spring Valley. We grow just about all our fruit and vegetables on this little spot as well as about 20 chickens. We also grow about twenty five to fifty percent of the flowers for Nurture Flora Co. It a good spot to call my office and home.

You can see a lot from our gardens by visiting my Instagram.

The World is Our Community

With a desire to make the world a better place, Nurture Flora Co. is committed to giving ten percent of profits to support sustainable farming in impoverished areas around the globe.

Hey there!

I'm probably currently covered in dirt in the garden, chasing my pets and kids, cooking dinner, playing with flowers or resting and just watching it all. But, I am really looking forward to getting your email! Thank you for reaching out. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Sincerely, Kate

Nurture Floral Co.'s sustainable wedding flowers are designed by nature and arranged with intention. Gorgeous, nuanced color, full of soul.


And so the adventure begins...