Dried Boho Wedding Inspiration- Ashley

Seek Peace

Through all of these business practices, we as a team and I personally have the means to seek peace in a really demanding industry.

Seek Peace

Ok, this one is personal to me. As you may know, I am a momma of two sweet curly-headed loves. They are the most beautiful blooms I grow in my life and they take so. much. out. of. me. Right now one of them is calling me in the background, reminding me how close I am to losing my mind! Haha!

To seek peace, the demands of my home life have shaped how With Flourish runs. This business is not just a job or just a creative outlet. It is both. Primarily, though, it is a means to support my family financially and have time to support them emotionally. For this reason, we take on up to three weddings a day. We as a team take on more so that I was a mere human can take on less. The division of labor is strong over here at team With Flourish!

I, Kate, as the owner take on all of the most boring and fun parts of this business. I gotta do taxes and make overall business running decisions. Then, I get to meet with all of you, make friends, put together your gorgeous day and then design everything. Every single thing on your wedding day is designed, loved and cared for by me while others carry out these designs!

Half my brain and all the nitty-gritty details are organized and taken care of by my dream gal, Kymberly. If you reach out to us, you will be communicating with her! Kymberly is gifted in organization in ways that I could never be. She is an overall sweetheart with a passion for making everything perfectly as you want it. She coordinates all administrative details and organizes your wedding so that all is flawless. She is the reason that With Flourish can operate smoothly!

We also have a small team of talented, flower-loving freelancers! I am sure you’ve seen their smiling faces and beautiful creations on Instagram. They take the wedding design that you imagined and I created and then implement it to perfection. I am so thankful to be able to trust these gals and their incredible work!