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Spring 2021

New Beginnings

Springtime is a time of new beginnings. It’s when all the green leaves finally produce their delicate blooms. Sweetpeas climb like mountaineers up and over fences, tossing their sweet smelling heads back laughing. Ranunculus expand in the sudden heat and twirl their fluffy gowns. Daffodils and tulips burst open with color in a sea of green. Larkspur rise higher and higher to watch the world through tens of blossoming blue, periwinkle, white, blushing eyes. The trees are perhaps the most fabulously dressed. Delicate blooms coat every branch like the long sleeves on a fashionably dressed flapper lady; every shade of white, yellow, pink, blush, magenta, purple, mauve.

This spring was a new beginning for Nurture Flora Co. and the first real big flower bloom I had. What a joy to watch all my excitement burst over into so much color and life. Color and life literally spilling over the brim of my garden. I learned this spring, among many things, the need for wider pathways and sturdier fences. Let’s just say that when sweet peas wanna grow they GROW, no matter what you call a path or fence or “separate” flower bed.

I will always remember this spring of surprises. Whether it be flowers popping up that I thought were weeds, surprise blooms that I mislabeled or colors I thought I hadn’t bought. And then perhaps the greatest surprise of them all: the birth of Nurture Flora Co.

Behind the scenes

Of our flower garden life

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